He likes to play with the limit, but in the important moments, he’s there. And he’s able to manage.”

The article then goes on to investigate the secret – which is sometimes attributed to how much time Marquez’ spends stretching and his flexibility – with some words from Sam Lowes (Swiss Innovative Investors), Jack Miller (Alma Pramac Racing) and Cal Crutchlow (LCR Honda Castrol).

“Marc, as we know, doesn’t get injured that much… and all he does all day is stretch,” is Crutchlow’s contribution. “I’ve crashed probably the same amount as Marc – I’ve never stretched for a second of my life!

Will it work once again in 2018? Marquez will be aiming to retain the crown with fewer incidents than he suffered last season, but will doubtless remain committed to his ‘Marquez style’.

Now there are three more days of testing in Qatar beginning on the 1st March before he goes into attack mode once again.